Holidays…not always merry and bright

Holidays, particular Christmas, are rough for grievers. (Author's note: published a bit late!) Holidays tend to magnify emotions. Grief is no exception. It has been rough recently; Thanksgiving through Christmas is a tough stretch. Christmas is a time of happiness and joy for children, a source of wonderment as wishes are fulfilled and gifts are … Continue reading Holidays…not always merry and bright

A Grief Observed – Lucas Henry, on his due date

A father’s raw, stream-of-consciousness thoughts on a son lost far too soon. Trigger warning: infant loss, grief The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. For those lucky enough to be blessed with a child, born or unborn, a picture is really worth a thousand dreams. The picture above certainly is. Infinite dreams … Continue reading A Grief Observed – Lucas Henry, on his due date